2015-08-06 glynMark experimental smartmach feature as enabled to suppr... master
2014-12-01 glynRemove testing changes
2014-12-01 glynAdded some comments and altered some misleading column...
2014-11-28 glynChanges:
2014-10-17 glynRemove not tested warning for versions < 2
2014-10-12 glynAmmend funny table formatting in
2014-10-12 glyn* Did some brief testing with Slony 1.2, 2.0 and 2...
2014-06-05 glynMinor change to readme
2014-06-04 glynAlterations to kludgy config file reader subroutine
2014-06-03 glynMake directory consistent in init.debian
2014-05-07 glynFix missing RE in resubscribe
2014-05-07 glynMove set should check for active nodes, not inactive...
2014-05-07 glynAmend how comments are used as aliases. sl_node and...
2014-05-07 glynUse proper escape string syntax
2014-05-06 glynFix typos in
2014-05-06 glynFix typos in
2014-05-06 glynInitial commit
2014-05-06 glynInitial commit