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descriptionHstore style delete and concatenate C functions and operators for jsonb in PostgreSQL
last changeSun, 8 Mar 2015 16:35:45 +0000 (16:35 +0000)
2015-03-08 glynRaise an error if un implemented append function called. master
2015-03-04 glynFix some funny behaviour in hstore 1.0 style operators...
2015-02-24 glynMinor change to readme
2015-02-24 glynFix some logic when modifying scalars and simplify...
2015-02-23 glynAmend operations on scalar arrays
2015-02-21 glynAdd missing files
2015-02-21 glynHad a play at making the following changes today, some...
2015-02-16 glynAdd to README.md
2015-02-16 glynAmmend missing semicolons in regression tests
2015-02-16 glynAdd subdirectories for regression checks
2015-02-16 glynAdd some regression checks
2015-01-30 glynChanges:
2015-01-28 glynMake a couple of minor changes after initial viewing...
2015-01-28 glynAdd missing comparison sql functions file
2015-01-27 glynRename misspelt sql script
2015-01-27 glynFix funny indentaion
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